AVALOKA is your oasis for a peaceful journey to a holistic well – being and harmony


applies the 3 H – Philosophy:
the Holistic way to create Health and Harmony.
    We take care about the physical and mental condition of each person in a Holistic way.
    We offer a balanced combination of different therapies, courses and massages, to bring body, mind and soul in Harmony
    We combine all activities in a coordinated way under one roof to give everybody Health and well-being.

Avaloka was built by Mr. Kodosan (a Japanese monk)

In 2011 as a monastic school of traditional Japanese-style martial arts focusing on movement activities, meditation, and calligraphy. [Avaloka means translated: to see, to look down with compassion.]

Therapies and courses have developed that support and complement modern treatments and very often heal people where standard medicine reaches its limits. We follow this philosophy.
Avaloka is the only one therapeutic centre in Czech Republic that offers:
  • Mikrokineziotherapy

    For release/enable body potencial to bring vitality and set own healing process
  • Biomagnetic

    Therapy for diagnostic and balancing PH of the body and organs
  • Backmitra®

    Courses for back rehabilitation
  • Fast diagnostic

    Of the body and its organs with Aureola Sensitive Imago in order to start immediately at the same day the treatment needed
Discover what Avaloka has to offer
To support your health, but also as a supportive therapy for treatments, we provide biomagnetic therapies.
Kinesiology is very popular here. Its goal is to maintain a balanced state of health using the muscles of the human body.
Microkinesitherapy is a method developed by Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Benini, two French physiotherapists and osteopaths.
Expert advice by a certified naturopath in the field of nutrition, individual adjustment of the menu, dietary supplements and other individual needs of the client.
Quick diagnostics of the energy body. Diagnosis with the Aureola device will show your current illnesses, but a photo of the aura can tell us about future illnesses.
Colorpuncture is a new-age harmonizing therapy that integrates traditional Chinese medicine and basics of the bio-photonic research in biophysics (the photobiology or biophysics of light).
The Esogetic Crystal Therapy is created by the most creative and genius German naturopath Peter Mandel.
Ayurveda is considered the "mother of all healing". In short, it could be said that Ayurveda deals with how to create the greatest possible balance in the body.
In our lessons we find a balance between Asanas from Hatha Yoga, Jin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.
If you have pain during movement due to a physical limitation, excess weight, age or injury, if rehabilitation exercises are recommended for you, or if you are over 55 years old, we have yoga therapy courses for you.
Backmitra is the ingenious invention of Guy Hamaekers and the famous yoga therapist Brigitte Longueville (Netherlands).
It is a hundreds of years old exercise that is supposed to combine body movements with the correct channeling of life energy.
Are you in senior or pre-senior age? Do you like movement and follow an active lifestyle?
The main goal is the all-round development of children's physical activity, learning the basic principles of Budo, basic Aiki techniques and fighting skills.
Self-defense is intended for both boys and girls from 8 to 15 years. We focus on movement coordination, reaction time, endurance and, of course, self-defense techniques.
It is a hundreds of years old exercise that is supposed to combine body movements with the correct channeling of life energy.
We have an outstanding international team of professionals with years of experience and deep knowledge in different therapies who work hand-in-hand under under the roof of Avaloka.
Therapist, Yoga Trainer
Aikido trainer
Therapist of Microkinesitherapy
Tai Chi Trainer
Therapist, Health Coach, Clinical Naturopath
Certified yoga and yogatherapy trainer
Tai Chi Trainer
Aikido and Self-defense trainer
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